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Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) Terms

Continuous Payment Authority and how it works

A Continuous Payment Authority sometimes also called a ‘recurring payment’, authorises to take an agreed amount from your bank account to repay your loan.

We will ask you for the card number from which you wish us to collect your payments.

Continuous payments applied by will always agree with the amount to be collected with you. The first amount is 1 month after the date of the agreement. If you wish to change this date to one that is more appropriate to your needs, please contact us on 0333 577 5000 option 2

We will never apply to take money from your account or vary the amount where you have not agreed on this with us in advance.

What if sufficient funds are not available on the agreed date

If sufficient funds are not available from your account on the agreed date, your card issuer may decline the Continuous Payment Authority request. If your card issuer declines a payment, we will make further attempts to take the payment a day later. If declined again, we may cancel any future Continuous Payment Authority requests and you should contact us to agree an alternative repayment option.

Cancel Continuous Payment Authority

You can cancel your Continuous Payment Authority at any time simply by telephoning us and asking us to stop the payments. You can also stop the payments with your card issuer.

You will need to set an acceptable alternative payment method.

Alternative repayment options

Alternative repayment options are available. These include; standing order and bank transfer. For further details please contact the office on 0333 577 5000 option 2.


Due to the nature of the transaction, no refunds are given. If you wish to cancel you must repay the capital and pay the ‘option to purchase fee and the interest accrued until the date the loan is settled.

Representative Example:

If you borrow £20,000.00 over 6 months at a flat rate of 63% per annum [fixed], and with a Representative 85.0% APR, you will make one total repayment of £27,200.00. This includes £6,300.00 interest and £900.00 storage. The total charge for credit is £7200.00. Your car is at risk if you fail to make the repayment.

Loan repayment length are for 6 months with early settlement allowed. The maximum APR is 146.5%.